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It’s not hard to be in love with Charlotte Sullivan. She’s amazing and I don’t have to use substitutions. She’s adorable. She plays this sexy, edgy, badass chick on TV, and then in person, she’s this sweet, lovely, geeky, adorable woman. We have a lot of fun together. I like kissing her. It’s easy with her. We just shot the finale of season 5 and I didn’t want to say goodbye.
Aliyah O’Brien (x)

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WE STILL NEED FANS PARTICIPATIONS for the english part of the magazine. Please, spread the word and share. Without you, there will be only the french version.


In partnership with &, take part in our new SwanQueen project, the SwanQueen Magazine.

Inside the magazine : Fanarts, Fanfictions, testimonies, authors interviews and other femslash files. As bonus, summary and photos of fans who attended to the convention Fairy Tales II to be held in June in Paris.

Want to take part in the project ? Want an interview ? Want to share and publish your photos, fanfiction or fanarts in the webzine?

Send your creations to specifying in the subject of your message if it is:

- A fanart
- A fanfiction
- A testimony
- A request for interview
- Photos of conventions
- A project related to SwanQueen
- Other creations …
- Consider adding in the message body links to your blogs or sites

The deadline for sending your creations is set at 31 July 2014

The publication of the webzine is provided between August 15 and September 15 according the availability of our two designers.

Note :
- We will publish only the nicest creations and text / fanfiction limited to 5000 words. ( If your storie is too long, a link to your account/site/blog can be added.)
- Each creation will be credited with a link to the pages of their respective authors.
- We will confirm by email if your designs are selected for be published in the webzine.

This magazine will be send to the OUAT creators and actors.

Original post and questions is available in the official forum:


The magazine will be in french and english.

Let me know if you have any question

Latest reminder =)

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